Innovative Thinking Leads to Patented High Speed Bandolier Wrapping System

Delta Systems continues to demonstrate the group’s innovative approach to packaging with a new patented application that covers a system for high speed wrapping and packing of bandolier type packages.

The system uses a revolutionary approach to achieve throughput speeds of up to 1,500 parts per minute in connected packages with a perforation or full cut on each cycle.   The cut count can be changed on the fly, or can run any non-repeating cycle.  The system has been deployed to multiple customers around the globe, with unmatched repeatability and reliability in the cutting or perforating process. 

“In order to achieve the results, we redesigned the cutting and perforation system from the ground up.  Utilizing electronically geared individual servos, positional accuracies between an independent upper and lower shaft were managed at less than .001” (.025mm), explains Brian Kyles, Technical Director at Delta Systems.  The system, as designed, has a sealing head mesh accuracy 20 times greater than a standard wrapper sealing head.  This gives the customer the knowledge and confidence they will receive consistent performance for the life of the machine.

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