Delta Systems Raises Standard of Controls Platform

Delta Systems is proud to announce its new partnership with Schneider Electric to bring our customers a new standard controls platform.  SoftFlow has migrated to utilize Schneider Pac Drive 3 hardware and interface which has greatly improved the capability of the system, as well as troubleshooting and support.

Operators interface with the wrapper through a 19” color multi-touch screen, with the option of a 22” upgrade.   The touch screen provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to access all of the machine functions and allow the customers staff the ability to view training and set up videos as well as interactive help screens that explain system functions.  The system supports up to 90 unique product recipes, as a standard, with more recipes available upon request.

System security allows the setting of individual username and password combinations as well as level of access to the system. Security levels to each individual button can also be managed throughout the interface for each of the users.  This provides our customers a customizable security level for each user allowing for necessary operation, all while achieving a secure interface to avoid unwanted adjustments.  

New troubleshooting capabilities include the storage of parameter changes with a date and time stamp, the user who made the change, and the previous value.  The interface also allows full control of I/O with forcing capabilities through the touch screen. 

Schneider’s Pac Drive 3 hardware provides the latest in Sercos III Ethernet-based communication for all I/O, drive, and safe communication and is one of the most flexible solutions for single and multi-axis drives.  It utilizes a single integrated and scalable automation platform, with an individual scalable controller for 0 to 130 servo drives or robotic axes.  This functionality only requires one programming tool and one program to control the complete machine.

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